There’s Always More

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There’s Always More

Pastor Stephan Ichiriu

And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:19

A few weeks ago, Kim and I took our daughters to one of their favorite restaurants, In-N-Out. They always enjoy their cheeseburgers and french fries, but the meal just isn’t complete for them unless they get their stickers. They love creating little scenes and sticking them to their cups as they wait for our number to be called.

On this particular visit, the girls politely asked the cashier for some sticker sheets and he happily obliged. Harmony got her sheet first and was excited about the new designs, but her happiness quickly turned to envy as the cashier unintentionally grabbed two sticker sheets for Karis.

“Hey, how come she got two? I only got one,” came the complaints.

Any parent knows the frustration you feel in a moment like this. On one hand, I just wanted Harmony to be happy with what she had. On the other, I could understand Harmony’s objections—I had been there myself. Just recently, I was complaining to God because I found out an acquaintance of mine got a good deal on a house during the recession while we were still in our two bedroom condo. They don’t have kids, we do. They didn’t need more space, we did. I felt like I had been passed up, and I knew how unfair it feels.

The stickers weren’t on the same scale as a house, but they were important to Harmony in the moment. Taking Karis’ extra sheet away from her to make things “fair” would have resulted in tears, and asking the cashier for another sheet for Harmony would have just rewarded her complaints. Thankfully, God gave me an idea.

“Well, Harmony,” I found myself saying, “isn’t it great that Karis got blessed with two sticker sheets? If God blessed her like that, just imagine how he’s going to bless you!”

Harmony and I both needed a change of perspective. We needed to realize that there is no shortage of sticker sheets or houses in God’s economy. There’s always more. We can be happy for others when they get blessed because life is not a zero-sum game—someone doesn’t need to lose in order for another person to win. On the contrary, we can view someone else’s blessing as yet another confirmation of the goodness of our God. Let’s celebrate with them, and look forward with anticipation to the good things God has stored up for us!