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Experience Reality – Experience Faith

Welcome to the most exciting, challenging, and life changing place in the world- the church.

Surprised? Many think of the church as boring, lifeless, or irrelevant to daily life in the real world. Some hear the word “church” and think of beautiful cathedrals, cozy chapels or even hard wooden pews. Churches can exist without stained-glass windows, pews, and steeples, but they cannot exist without people. That’s simply because the church is about people – people just like you.

We often tell people that Faith Community Church is a spiritual hospital where needy people come for help. The church is called to be the place where hurts are healed, needs are met, and dreams become reality. And it’s all because of Jesus and what He did for us. The Bible says Jesus loved the church and even gave His life for her. That’s true reality.

Faith Community Church is made up of people just like you who want to follow Jesus. Join us. Come out and see the reality of God’s word and His love for you.

-Dr. Jim and Marguerite Reeve

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