Global Impact

Global Impact

Faith Community Church is passionately committed to reaching people in our communities and all over the world with the love of Jesus! Whether offering hope to the hopeless or providing scholarships to future world shakers and history makers, as Christians, we are called to be the salt-seasoning, bringing out the God-flavors of this earth (Matthew 5:13). We have the privilege of partnering with organizations united by explosive passion, vision and commitment. Check out how Faith is reaching the world through Global Impact.

A21 Campaign: Chris Caine

Every day around the world young girls in low income areas are promised better paying jobs and a brighter future but little do they know how one decision can change their life forever. Human traffickers are crafty at identifying the wants, needs and desires of the young girls and they use their vulnerability to exploit them. They become captives in human trafficking and are forced to prostitute themselves up to 40 times a day. Isolated from the world around them, they are told that no one cares of their existence. These girls have lost any hope in being rescued and are left broken physically, spiritually and emotionally. But we know that God has not forgotten them! He is using courageous leaders like Chris Caine to lead the troops in fighting for their freedom. We are partnering with the A21 Campaign to see human trafficking abolished and the perpetrators brought to justice.

The A21 Campaign is five years old!

The A21 team knew starting out that there would be a number of challenges on the road to justice. In 2008 they recognized trafficking in Eastern Europe needed to be addressed holistically and on every front, from investigation to legal casework, emergency care to full aftercare. Five years and several global offices later they are fighting in full force for freedom.

In the past five years, the A21 Campaign has:
•    Opened eight offices in seven different countries (with more coming soon!)
•    Established four restoration facilities for victims of trafficking
•    Launched a national anti-trafficking hotline in Greece
•    Prosecuted and convicted 21 traffickers—a combined total of more than 250 years in jail and over one million Euros in fines
•    A21’s European Director received the prestigious honor of being a TIP (Trafficking In Persons) Hero
•    Reached tens of thousands of students and educated them on the dangers of trafficking
•    Provided medical care including life-savings surgeries, full dental reconstruction as well as testing and treatments for STDs
•    Over 800 awareness events and 4,747 A21 abolitionists worldwide

A21’s survivors have gone on to universities and are studying to become nurses, translators, and businesswomen. Others are living in freedom as bakers, hairdressers and retail managers.

The A21 Campaign stands for abolishing injustice in the 21st century. Anyone can join – everyone can make a difference. For more info, go to

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Mutual Faith Ministries in Beirut, Lebanon: Keith Hershey

Keith Hershey has a heart to reach the people of the Middle East with the love of Jesus and give them hope. Many live in poverty with children forced to fend for themselves. Partnering with the people of Beirut, Lebanon and building strong relationships with the local community, people are being empowered to finding solutions to their many challenges.

Keith has raised $900,000 in 4 years for the renovation of a building previously bombed out. He named the building the Life Center and it provides programs for the children, a leadership school to equip emerging leaders, a free medical health clinic and so much more. Our financial support helps to make all this possible.

For many of the past months due to the civil and political unrest in neighboring Syria, Keith and his team has seen hundreds of people flee to Lebanon for asylum, and many have ended up in their neighborhood of Bourj Hammoud in Beirut. They have been able to provide food packages and clothing for many of these families and some of the children have started to attend the Spring of Life School.

Recently, they were able to host many of these families in their newly renovated conference hall where they had a children’s program, a big meal for all and of course they were able to share the Gospel! Even though a majority of these families come from Muslim backgrounds, they found them to be very responsive to the all encompassing love of Jesus. God is doing awesome things in the Middle East. Check out Mutual Faith’s recent video:

Thank you so much for praying for this team and their ministry. Let’s continue to pray for the leadership of the Life Center and all the new believers!

Haiti Outreach Ministries: Pastor Leon DeOrleans

Haiti, already the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, was devastated by an earthquake on January 12, 2010, leaving close to a million people homeless. Even though it has been over three years since this disaster, many of these people continue to live in tents in deplorable conditions.

Leon DeOrleans leads Haiti Outreach Ministries. God is using Haiti Outreach Ministries to meet the needs of people and share His love. Through their four churches, four schools and a medical clinic, they are impacting thousands of people each week.

In 2011, Faith partnered with Bel Air Pres, Lake Avenue, Shepherd of the Hills and Faithful Central to make a difference in Haiti. Together, our five churches raised money and sent teams to both rebuild and minister in Haiti. Since then, Faith has sent five teams that have shared the love of Jesus in practical ways and helped the people of Haiti.

Faith partnered with Bel Air Pres, Lake Avenue, Shepherd of the Hills and Faithful Central to make a difference in Haiti. Together, our five churches raised money and sent teams to both rebuild and minister in Haiti.

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Christian Far East Ministry, East Asia
Faith’s Missionary – Mark

Christian Far East Ministry has been bringing God’s written Word to persecuted believers since 1991. They are teaching villagers how to read the Bible, water baptizing and introducing them to the hope that can be found through a relationship with Jesus. Their mission is to reach out to the people of East Asia by supporting orphanages and refugees, distributing Christian literature, Bible study, and through evangelism. Much of our recent work has been centered upon the care of ethnic minority refugees who have fled the violence and persecution of the ruling junta in their native Burma (Myanmar). Many of these refugees are children without care-givers of any kind. Without intervention they would be either left neglected in the jungles lacking food, care, and education or they would face extreme violence and the possibility of forced servitude to the Burmese army.

Recently, Christian Far East Ministry had the opportunity to reach out to the Kachin people and their army that is defending them from attacks by the Burmese army. Because most of the Kachin people are believers they are being forced from their villages and attacked. They shared Jesus with soldiers in the Kachin army, prayed with them and gave them Bibles.

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Bible Translation, Thailand
Andy & Elissa Ikeda

Bible translators Andy and Elissa Ikeda help people in Southeast Asia gain access to the Word of God in the language of their hearts. Since 2008, they’ve been in Thailand, training national colleagues and working together with them as a team to document and analyze minority languages. Together, they develop writing systems and promote literacy. And together, they translate the Bible so that everyone can hear the Good News in the language of their hearts.

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