Area 321 (1st – 3rd)

Area321 is a place where 1st – 3rd graders will learn about and experience the Bible in creative, interactive and hands-on ways. Each week your child will be our guest in one of three areas: Science, Art or Drama. Our strategy in teaching the same Bible lesson for 3 weeks at a time in 3 distinct and creative ways (Science, Art and Drama) instills practical truths that will last a lifetime. You never know which area your child is going to visit, so make sure they never miss a week! Area321 takes children on a journey through the entire Bible over the course of 3 years and empowers them for significant living today and in the future.

Art – Painting, sculpting, drawing and creating are concrete, hands-on ways to experience and grasp God’s word. Your 1st – 3rd grader will love this tangible adventure!

Science – God’s creation is all around us and can teach us Biblical truths. The Science Lab is a place where God’s Word comes alive through wacky, fun and sometimes messy experiments!

Drama – We don’t just hear about God’s Word, we act it out in fun and exciting ways. If your 1st – 3rd grader enjoys puppets, drama, acting or just having fun then they won’t want to miss Drama.

The Wednesday Experience

Wednesday nights are the place to be for your 1st – 3rd grader! My321 is a hands-on program designed to develop and engage your child’s interests and God-given talents. Each month they will have an opportunity to participate in one of the following areas:

• Choir: if your child loves to sing, has a gift for singing, or wants to sing, then this is the place for them!

• Theater: your child will learn lines from a script and be part of the cast in a Bible based play!

• Art: your child will create art projects based on Bible verses, and learn how to paint scenery for a play!

Wednesdays @ 7pm!